FHDU2021: Review and NOW!

The Virtual Conference was a huge success but I also have to confess that I’m totally biased – I was involved in the planning of the Conference in its original form to be held as a Hybrid Conference, and in its eventual form as a totally Virtual Conference.

The #FHDU2021 Virtual Conference finished on Friday 26th March with an awesome presentation – but I’ll tell you a bit more about that later.

It is best to use words from the attendees to describe the value of the Virtual Conference and extra recordings:

Thanks for a fabulous event

last four days have given us so much inspiration and encouragement to persist

The generosity and passion of the ‘brains trust’ in taking and answering questions is no surprise but very much appreciated

Thankyou FHDU – It has been brilliant experience.

Congratulations Alan Phillips and team for a fantastic online conference. Great choice of recordings and more to check out in coming months.

I could keep going with the quotes – it was such a wonderful feeling to read the comments and know that the FHDU Planning Team had got it right.

The most exciting part – if you missed the four days of the Virtual Conference – IT DOESN”T MATTER!

What you can do NOW:

  • Book one or more of the 4 Tracks of FHDU 2021 – or book the megabundle of all 4 Tracks before 30 June 2021
  • View all recordings for the Track(s) you book until 31st July 2021
  • Join one of the 4 Private Facebook Hubs – 1 for each Track you have booked
  • The FB Hubs are our live Question & Answer sessions – many of our presenters have already joined the Hubs
  • Others in the Hubs have expertise and will join discussions with you
  • Access handouts provided by many of the presenters

There are so many options however it is probably best if you go to the Family History Down Under website and also check out FHDU Online for our up and coming webinars.

You haven’t missed FHDU2021 – it’s waiting for you to join now!

Oh – I mentioned that awesome presentation which was Virtual at the end of Friday 26th March. Of course that presentation is still there in Track 4 – The Future of Family History by Nick Barratt – it’s not too late to enjoy it.

Amazing presentation Nick Barratt. Thank you!

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