What’s it all about?

Barwon Heads Coffee PalaceIt’s time to start another blog but a less-restrictive one compared to my other blogs which are:

I also want to stay rather flexible with the layout so I can “play” with the different themes.  For the moment I’m sticking to free themes and I just want to experiment … click on a theme and change everything.

I also need to remind myself of the different settings, tools, appearances etc. that make WordPress so much fun to use.

Last week I was talking to a country historical society about how they could use WordPress for their web site and their blog.  Perhaps I’ll do some more blogs on just how to use WordPress for that.  In the meantime I’ll find a photo to add because I don’t like blogs without photos! 🙂 … Susie Zada


  1. Hi Susie,
    I will be very interested is reading your ‘how to use WordPress’ blog posts. There seems to be lots of information being posted by people who use Blogger for genealogy but not much about WordPress.
    I agree about photos


    • Hi Maureen, I’ve used both Blogger and WordPress and would pick WordPress every time. I find the options more flexible and the support outstanding. The WordPress help functions are excellent and I encourage everyone to use them regularly. I find WordPress really good for Societies as it enables them to create a combined Web Site and Blog. More at a later stage but in the meantime have a look at some of the WordPress support / help pages.


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