Essential items for local and family historians

Sewerage RecordsI know everyone will have very different suggestions but yesterday while I was out driving I heard a suggestion on the radio and had to instantly pull over and get my own!

I am a VERY new owner of a mobile phone – so new that incoming calls go to message bank as I’m struggling to answer them!

So what was the essential item I got yesterday?  I’m not sure why it took me so long to get one.  Anyone who knows me knows that my favourite subject is Sewerage Records – I was rapt in this photo on the cover of my book!

WinkThe item is a phone App called Aussie Loos!  There are quite a few to choose from but I grabbed this one – it didn’t even cost a penny!

And I love the button – “I’m Busting”

Does it work?  Of course – tested it on my back verandah and it instantly located the two public loos nearby.

I think this is an essential for all types of historians – there isn’t always a private convenient bush out in the country.  Can you imagine how handy this app would be?  … you’re in a country cemetery where time just flies because you’re finding so many relatives …

I know this “essential” is out of left field, but what are the other essentials that every good local and family historian should have in their “research backpack”???

P.S. The “list” now has it’s own web page called Historian’s Backpack

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