Such a nervous day!

Research TripYesterday was almost traumatic!  It was a day of research – firstly at Land Victoria – Land Information Centre at Laverton [Victoria, Australia], then PROV [Public Record Office Victoria] at North Melbourne.

And it was all my own fault! I’ve been to both archives before, know exactly where they are, and had packed my Historian’s Backpack many times before.

BUT after all the activity in the last few days with input from so many helpful people I was SO nervous that I would forget something or had forgotten something!  It’s a horrible feeling made worse by bumping into people I know who may have followed the Historian’s Backpack saga on Facebook.

Now I have another dilemma – do I add the couple of extra items suggested for the Backpack or do I work on the mass of records I obtained yesterday at Land Victoria and PROV?  Priorities?  Or do I feel another blog coming on – How to prioritise our research – or maybe – How to de-stress your research?  Oh, the mind is working overtime.

A chuckle always helps with de-stressing!  Of course I was showing off my new Aussie Loos app to Pam [my co-researcher].  We were leaving Laverton and Pam said she wanted to leave Cherry Lane in the opposite direction as we could see the freeway and it was bumper to bumper – she was sure we could come out somewhere on our “normal” route to PROV and bypass the pain of trying to get back on the freeway.  As I already had Aussie Loos open to see nearest Loos, I just moved the map to follow our potential route – and not only did we find the shortcut avoiding the freeway totally [went over the top of it twice], we got to PROV early with plenty of time to use their Loos [which of course weren’t and shouldn’t have been on the map].

A most satisfying day all round!

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