MAJOR Challenge! R U Up 2 It?

Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works Detail PlanLater next week I hope to have a little more information but in the meantime I think there is enough here to throw out the challenge!

Q. What am I trying to find?

A. A photo of the house shown as “Loughtaine” in the attached Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works sewerage plan.  NOTE: this house had a number of different names, and spellings, in it’s lifetime.

Where is it located?  North west corner of Burwood Road and John Street, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

When was it built?  Possibly mid 1860s – demolished 1915 or later.

Where might we find a photo?  It’s quite probable that family photos of the different families who lived there or owned it might show the interior or exterior of the property in the background!

Have a look at the really detailed Timeline I’ve produced to-date [updated Saturday 25th April 2015] – this might give you many clues on where to look.

The family names are [but not limited to]:

  • HOOKE, John Swaine
  • MOLLOY, William Thomas Doctor
  • McMULLEN, Hamilton Doctor
  • SPARLING, William Augustus Doctor
  • DOYLE, Patrick Doctor
  • ANDERSON, Eugene Wilton Doctor
  • CHERRY, Charles Cummins Veterinary Surgeon

The House names are [but not limited to]:

  • Robe Villa
  • Undowah
  • Loughtaine or Loughtain
  • Lungile or Lungille

Can you help find this elusive photo?

The site is now part of the Swinburne University – and yes, the archives at Swinburne and the Hawthorn Historical Society have both been helping with this project.


  1. Hi Gordon – by jove I think you’ve got it!!!!!!! Initially I wasn’t too sure about the terrace houses to the west but looking at the 1945 aerial photo there is no question that they are there.

    I kept wanting to do a Google street view on the photo – walk down John Street and look from that angle – aren’t we spoilt these days? Then when I clicked on it a second time it showed the John Street frontage – that removed ALL doubts.

    Many thanks – it’s given us a great clue – Girls Junior School.


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