History: the men in my life

In August 1999 I created a framed photographic storyboard titled The Men in My Life.  It was a significant day – 10 years since my adored Dad had died far too early.  It was great therapy putting it together and embraced more than my Dad but the influence other men in my family had on my life.  I admit there were more than a few tears that day but lots and lots of smiles since when I look at it on my wall – for the wonderful memories that flow from it.  [My family tree]

Susie and Dad Susie and Graham [Fussy] Grandpa [left] and Great Uncle Jim [right]

The Men in My Life !

My Dad, John Joseph FUSSEN was born in 1922 – that’s him with me in 1953 (top left) and just a couple of weeks before he died in 1989 (lower left). Dad was production manager of Peter’s Ice Cream and the creator of the Drumstick.   He was also the driver of the Peter’s vehicles (below) in various parades. Dad taught me to sail, build furniture and keep my old car finely tuned. My maternal grandfather, Harry NIALL (top right), and great uncle James NIALL (on the right), also played an important part in my education. Uncle Jim taught me to fish and to ask questions, and Grandpa taught me to love cricket. I can’t claim the great Don Bradman (lower right) as family but my grandfather would whisper in awe when he mentioned his name. You can imagine my great delight when I was given this advertisement he did for Peter’s Ice Cream! And I was so proud when my brother produced the video tribute to the great man. Grandpa would have been over the moon! My brother (above) taught me about the importance of older brothers. As kids, we were forever fighting but if I ever needed help he was always there. As we grew older, we stopped fighting, but he’s still there if I ever need him!

 Dad  Don Bradman advertising Peters Ice Cream
 Peters tanker  Peters tanker  Peters float in parade


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