Where’s the postman?

Leopold Post OfficeWe would be living under a rock if we hadn’t heard the grumbles about mail deliveries – or delays!  BUT turn the clock back 100 years and read about the mail that arrived in Geelong by train at 6.30 am AND didn’t get delivered until the AFTERNOON delivery service!

This appeared in the Geelong Advertiser, Tuesday 9 February 1915:


Mail matter arriving by the early newspaper train from Melbourne is sent out by the carriers on the first delivery, but it is complained that letters come by the 6.30 a.m. train and are not delivered till the afternoon. In 1912 the Chamber of Commerce was assured that practically all the metropolitan letters are carried by the newspaper train. A sub-committee was appointed by the Chamber to make inquiries, and it was informed that on the 27th ult. 500 letters without newspapers had arrived by the 6.30 a.m. train, and were not sorted for the first delivery. Yesterday the council of the Chamber considered the sub-committee’s report, and eventually decided to let it stand over till the next meeting in order to make further inquiries, and ascertain the public feeling. Mr. J. Blakiston said in these times employers were requested to work fell handed, but they had the spectacle of the Geelong Post Office undermanned both in respect to letter carriers and sorters. The carriers had big rounds, and had to carry heavy bags. The amount of mail matter coming into Geelong must have nearly doubled in a comparatively short period but practically the staff was the same. That was the whole trouble. People on the outskirts complained of receiving their letters late, but it was not the fault of the carriers, who were very much overworked. Most people wanted the mail service by the newspaper train to be continued.

How shocking!  Such terrible service?

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