Ask a librarian – it’s wonderful!

1955cGrahamandSueatGraftonI have just had THE most exciting day and it’s really all about Social Media, Blogs, and research and this photo from about 1955 of me and my brother in Grafton, New South Wales.

I’ve used the “Ask a Librarian” service before – State Library of New South Wales, State Library of Victoria and National Library of Australia to mention a few.  I don’t over-use it but there are times when it is the right option.

It all started here when I posted the Blog yesterday about no ice cream on Sundays!  I mentioned that ice cream was part of my life.  Overnight I woke up thinking about ice cream and Grafton where my Dad worked at the Peter’s Ice Cream factory before we ended up transferring to Adelaide.

The one gap in my own life – I didn’t know where we lived in Grafton – but you can read all about that on my other blog.  Needless to say Grafton and Ice Cream were at the forefront of my mind this morning and I was determined to find the answer.

I decided that Pluto was a different angle that just might work.  Then in the process of looking for photos of Pluto I found the photo above – me and my brother in what MIGHT have been our house but with a building in the background that looked like old photos I had found of the Peter’s Ice Cream factory in Grafton.

That’s when I decided to try “Ask a librarian” at the State Library of New South Wales.  I wasn’t expecting an answer for about a week but the reply arrived this afternoon.

Why am I babbling on about it here?  Because I’m so excited I needed to share it with some of my friends and followers.  Did “Ask a librarian” work?  You bet it did – absolutely wonderful.

They found an address in the electoral roll for me – and just have a look at the Google Maps street view of the house where we lived and compare it with the photo above!

Now you understand why I’m so excited!  Yippee … thank you Pluto, Blogs, and “Ask a librarian”!


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