Victoria, Inquest Deposition Files 1840-1925 – online

Sample of Victoria Inquest Deposition FileGot an itch to do some research this weekend?  There are limitations – you can’t print or download – BUT if you want to look at Inquest Deposition Files for Victoria 1840-1925 online just go to the under-utilised FamilySearch site.

At the moment you CAN view these on the Public Record Office web site but they are not easy to locate.  It won’t be long before these records are fully searchable and the files will be online on the PROV web site.  And of course don’t forget to look at the NEW BETA web site for PROV – give them some feedback on this exciting new change.  Try some of your inquest searches on the new web site – be prepared for a surprise – you’ll find some online that you can view.

Try the FamilySearch web site for the Victorian Inquest Deposition Files 1840-1925.

And don’t blame me if your weekend just disappears!

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