Did your ancestor drive for Cobb & Co?

Great Blog with Cobb & Co employees – worth following!

Stories of extraordinary Australians

Lots of Australians ask me about relatives of theirs who drove for Cobb & Co or who they think owned competitor firms in 19th century Australia. Check out the list to see if your relative is there. If there is a Cobb & Co driver missing, let me know!

In the past years dozens of families have written to provide updates to the list below. It has been further enlarged to over 940 through a painstaking review of old newspaper records.

First NameSurnameStateFirms worked forRoleRoutesYearComments
GeorgeAdamsCobb & CoDriver; road manager
FredAdamsQLDCobb & CoDriverMitchell-Bollon1913-1918
GeorgeAh KinNSWProprietorBemboka1900-1903
JamesAisbettVICCobb & CoDriverScarsdale, Pitfield
AmosAlderVICCobb & CoDriverAvenel-Nagambie, Shepparton
JimmyAlderVICCobb & CoDriverClunes

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