Dose up on TROVE now!

TROVE LogoFor all of those who just love TROVE and the Digitised Newspapers, you might want to prepare for an enforced abstinence!

At 5.00 pm on Monday 22nd February 2016, TROVE will be closed down.

BUT before you panic, it will reappear with the much anticipated new version – Trove 7 – on 25 February 2016.

I know many of us blame TROVE for missed sleep, missed housework, and a myriad of other “missed” things, but you may need to soak up even more TROVE before it’s offline for a couple of days.

Then make the most of those couple of days to catch up on all the things you’ll miss from the 25th February when you start playing with and enjoying Trove 7!

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