How old is history?

HobartHave you ever pondered “how old is history” and then is Hobart history?  [ It’s all about #sun7 ].  If something annoyed me last year and it’s changed in the meantime does that make it history?  If we don’t record it, this history will be lost forever!

What am I babbling on about?

This might seem trivial and perhaps it’s due to my lack of sleep and a frantic period in my life – packing up all household goods after more than nine years and downsizing.  That’s why I’m having a garage sale tomorrow [Saturday 30 April] – and I’m exhausted already!

I’m even having to sell a huge part of my library – reference, local history, genealogy, architecture etc.  If I get time tonight I might update the list – there’s a HEAP more to add – but will I be up all night anyway?  I guess if there’s a particular book you want it’s always worth asking if I have it for sale – yes, it’s a BIG library!

So what has all this got to do with Hobart and what’s been driving me nuts for some time!

I think I have a personality best classified as ‘méthode Poirot’ – that’s how Poirot often solved his cases – if it was out of order then it was a clue.  I’m into order and method – I’m also a “list” person – I create lists about anything and everything.  Is that why I live and breathe databases and indexes?

Okay – back to HOBART.  If you ever watch Sunrise on Channel 7, do you pay attention to that strip across the bottom of the screen?  I’ve even researched it – an official name could be Chyron but it’s also referred to by a variety of names such as ‘info strip’ or ‘news ticker’ and so the list goes on.

During Sunrise it’s an orange strip in 3 sections – the largest section on the left has News, then there is weather info and then the time.  My angst is with the weather which itself includes three components: city, expected temperature, and a weather symbol.  It’s in alphabetic order but actually it isn’t and that’s where poor old Hobart becomes part of history.

I’m sure we all remember when Tasmania has been left off the map of Australia – not once but numerous times – just Google ‘Tasmania left off map of Australia’!

I’m fairly certain [could be wrong – it has happened on the odd occasion] that I first noticed this last year.

Let’s go through the capital cities of Australia in alphabetical order: ADE, BRI, CAN, DAR, HOB, MEL, PER, SYD.

On Sunrise [ #sun7 ] – it went like this: ADE, BRI, CAN, DAR, MEL, HOB, PER, SYD.  It drove me nuts for ages and just when it was getting too much to bear, recently it changed to: ADE, BRI, CAN, DAR, MEL, PER, HOB, SYD !

Why does this matter – I’m sure Hercule Poirot would have something to say about this.  But if you’re buzzing around doing things and just glancing at the screen now and again waiting to check on the MELBOURNE forecast – it comes after HOBART – doesn’t it?  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !

Should I let such a small thing bother me?  Of course not.  But it DOES !

Did someone at #sun7 suddenly realise that HOBART shouldn’t come between MELBOURNE and PERTH and fixed it?  Fixed it even worse????

OK – I’ll get off my soap box – I needed a little light relief before a HUGE day today and tomorrow and now I’m laughing VERY loudly.

Of course I now have a new problem – I have to keep watching that tricky little Chyron waiting for someone to fix it … will they???

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