How old is history?

Which bag is it in?I posted a blog a couple of weeks ago [ #sun7 ] lamenting the demise of Hobart on Sunrise in the order of weather on the info strip at the bottom of the screen.

History has been made in more ways than one!  I’m not sure if it happened earlier this week but I definitely noticed it this morning – Hobart is back in it’s rightful place.  I could be forgiven not spotting it earlier this week as Monday morning I picked up the keys to my new home [renting a lovely unit in South Geelong].  Needless to say I’ve been a tad busy but this morning I woke in my own bed in my new home and had a lazy lie-in watching Sunrise … and I nearly fell out of bed – Hobart came after Darwin and before Melbourne – exactly where it should be!  It really felt like all was right with the world … and Hobart.

BUT another bit of history is being made NOW as I type – this if the first blog I’ve posted from my new home.  I confess – the computer is all hooked up and working on my kitchen bench while I sort out the new office [spare bedroom] etc. but I can’t spend too long chatting – the list of chores is LONG.

I have separate pages on my dining room table to write on – complete with pen handy:

  • PU – OG [pick up from Ocean Grove – still emptying and cleaning out old place]
  • PU – Newcomb [while I was waiting 3 weeks to get the keys to here, every trip to Geelong meant a car loaded with boxes and items – the storage unit is only 5 minutes from here, so saving a lot of petrol and packing time]
  • FIND – I remember seeing it in … that bag or that box!  See the image at the top!
  • BUY – either essential items for the unit or perhaps some food!
  • TASKS – essential tasks here – cleaning or re-arranging before I bring in more things to trip over
  • TO-DO – essential things – like ring the Salvos for a pick-up, etc.

OK – TASKS and TO-DO items are yelling very loudly so this is enough blogging for now – I’ve created history so I must move on.

OH – and my pussy cat is yelling loudly – currently locked in the bathroom until I let him explore his new home further – probably tonight when I’ve stopped going in and out the doors every two minutes!  Best thing is that he was allowed to live with me in my new home.

Happy, tired, contented …

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