Don Grant Memorial Lecture 2016

Grannie FERRISSince I presented the 2016 Don Grant Memorial Lecture for VAFHO (Victorian Association of Family History Organisations at the Family History Feast at the State Library of Victoria I’ve received a heap of emails.  Many saying how much they enjoyed my presentation and others asking when the presentation would be put online on the SLV web site.

  • I would like to thank everyone for their very kind emails and comments.
  • I would like to say how much of an honour it was to be invited to present the annual Don Grant Memorial Lecture
  • It was also a great honour to have Don’s widow, Lorraine, his daughter Ally, and his grand-daughter in the front row for my presentation.

My presentation titled ‘Grannie Ferris: midwife, nurse, doctor and undertaker‘ is now online on the State Library of Victoria web site.  Above is a photo of the formidable looking Grannie Ferris.

Some of my presentation related to the registers of Nurses and Midwives appearing in the Victoria Government Gazettes – this was the subject of an earlier blog I published on these registers.

During my presentation I also mentioned the two web sites from which you can download these detailed registers:

A special bonus for family history organisations who are members of VAFHO:

Send a USB to VAFHO with a stamped self-address envelope requesting a copy of the files mentioned in the presentation and the earlier blog site.  These files have been updated through Acrobat so that you can search ONCE in the folder containing all of these 70+ files – the search will search each individual file.

Enjoy!  And thank you to VAFHO and SLV for inviting me to present the 2016 Don Grant Memorial Lecture.

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