That advice?

OK – trying to count to 20 and take some deep breaths.  I can’t believe that a so-called Customer Service person can be so aggressive and use a tone of voice that was just outright bullying.  This is the continuing saga from my last blog!

Yep, I raised my voice in the end and then pulled myself up and lowered it.  I asked if he believed his attitude was that of a good Customer Service person and what happened to the old adage that a customer is always right?

I don’t think that some Customer Service people from WOOLWORTHS understand the term ‘Customer Service’.

He wasn’t interested in the mistakes or lack of Customer Service made by WOOLWORTHS – and that image above is straight from the WOOLWORTHS online ordering web site.  All the ‘Customer Service’ supervisor wanted was to tell me what was on the Whiskas site.

He tried to tell me that 1+ was for ALL cats – kittens, adult, senior.

Well, why have 7+ items on the Whiskas web site?

And why have ADULT ones on the WOOLWORTHS web site?  The Customer Service expert said it was a mistake and shouldn’t be there and he’d get it removed immediately!  I asked why I had received one of those exact same boxes in the delivery last Wednesday (together with two totally different boxes)?  Obviously the last one on the shelf said the Customer Service expert.  And kept referring me to the Whiskas web site.

Well, it wasn’t Whiskas who delivered the incorrect items – it was WOOLWORTHS.  It wasn’t Whiskas who made promises on the phone – it was WOOLWORTHS – although I’ve given WOOLWORTHS 72 hours – not the 24 or 48 they had promised would result in a least a phone call.

I asked for and received a refund for the last order – that will take 3-5 business days.  I think the ‘Customer Service’ expert was pleased to be able to tick off another successful customer put down!  Still no food for my cat but I honestly can’t put up with the sort of aggressive conversation I had on the phone tonight.  It’s hard enough not being able to go to a shop / supermarket and find something suitable for my elderly cat without having to put up with that as well.

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