Where things come together!






It is just over three weeks before these three images connect for me – and if you have any German (or European) ancestors it might just be where things come together for you.

What I’m talking about is the Researching Abroad Roadshow in Melbourne on Friday 18th August and Saturday 19th August, or check out the web site for other locations.

It is not just my German ancestry that makes the ‘Researching Abroad Roadshow’ in Melbourne an essential date in my calendar:

  • I have other European ancestors
  • I have Irish and English ancestors
  • My brother and I have both done DNA tests

The last time I wrote about this fast-approaching roadshow I was celebrating the fact that by now I would be free of my moon-boot.  Unfortunately not quite there – 3 weeks added to the immobility – BUT I WILL be free of it by the time I head to Bulleen in Melbourne.

Something I’ll share with you – for many years I avoided researching my ‘foreign’ ancestors – put it in the too hard basket because of the ‘language’.  It was much easier to concentrate on my English-speaking ancestors.  The trigger to me plunging in off the deep end was reading various journals from the Burwood & District Family History Group that included many articles on German immigrants to Australia.  I made amazing progress and I am looking forward to the next chapter at the Researching Abroad Roadshow.  If you’ve been frightened to take that step into ‘foreign’ research, this is the opportunity you want to grab with both hands!

See you there.

ADDENDUM: Oh, and while you’re looking at the UTP web site about the Roadshow you’ll find references to ‘OFFICIAL AMBASSADORS’ as per the logo at the beginning of this blog.  Yes, I’m an Official Ambassador and really appreciate the opportunity to promote the Researching Abroad Roadshow.  There was always the possibility that I physically couldn’t get there due to my broken ankle and I’m so glad that I’m going to make it.

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