It’s not too late for Adelaide and Perth!


I’m back home after attending the full two days of ‘Researching Abroad’ in Melbourne – ONE major complaint!  I didn’t want it to end!

Friday was predominantly Chris PATON on Scottish, Irish, and English research.

Saturday was predominantly Dirk Weissleder on German and European research.

Which was best?  I just feel sorry for the people who had / have to choose between one or the other – I was lucky as Melbourne was a two-day experience and I absolutely loved both and learnt so much from them.

In addition to Chris and Dirk I really enjoyed the MyHeritage presentations, Part 1 and Part 2 with Rosemary and Eric Kopittke – definitely worthwhile.

I caught up with a number of friends and former colleagues and was delighted to meet up with my fellow ‘Official Ambassadors’ – Anne Young (left) and Jennifer Jones (middle).

Apart from my own German ancestry (New South Wales) there were a lot of German immigrants to my ‘local’ region – Geelong and District.  I’m definitely keen to follow up more with the German-Australian Genealogy and History Alliance and the International German Genealogy Partnership.

It was a great two days – you still have a chance to attend the Adelaide and Perth sessions so jump up and do it!

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