A WEEK full of family history – and a haircut!

From famine to feast!  I’m making the most of my newfound mobility minus the moon-boot and with wheels!

It all kicks off today with the first Family History talk I’m giving for some months – at the Wyndham Plaza Library in Werribee – TWO talks this afternoon – they’re free and you can still book.  I’m really hoping I’ll catch up with some old friends there.

Mind you I WILL have trouble seeing people there because my hair is SO LONG as I haven’t been able to get to the hairdressers for SO LONG.  I have to keep pushing the hair out of my eyes!

Things will improve by Wednesday as that is when I will get my hair cut – Yippee!

Then I am SO looking forward to listening and learning instead of talking on Friday and Saturday at the Unlock the Past Researching Abroad event at Bulleen in Melbourne.  It is just so great to be out and about but even more-so to get to this event.  Yes – I’m an ‘Official Ambassador’ and more than happy to promote the event because the two days are SO relevant to my own family history research:

  • I have German ancestors
  • I have French, Swiss and Italian ancestors
  • I have Irish and English ancestors
  • I’ll be catching up with Chris Paton who I haven’t seen for a number of years!
  • I’m a great fan of My Heritage
  • My brother and I have both done DNA tests
  • AND I’m sure I’ll be catching up with a number of friends.

Hope to see you at Werribee or Bulleen or both!

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