Some things make you laugh out loud

Oh how I wish I could credit this to the person who created it but there are TOO MANY versions on the web, many claiming ownership.  So I tried but failed to credit the originator – I’m sure you know who you are and to you I say Thank You for making me laugh out loud.  Definitely got a strange look from my house companion – my pussy cat!

There are millions of clever genealogy sayings out there but this one is SO appropriate for Victoria, Australia – today is a Public Holiday for the Grand Final parade.  Tomorrow the Grand Final is between the Adelaide Crows (from interstate but favourites as they finished top of the home-and-away end-of-season ladder)  and the Richmond Tigers (local – Melbourne – favourites as Melbourne is where the AFL Grand Final is generally held.  Anyway, that’s the reason for the Public Holiday in Victoria – not a Public Holiday anywhere else in Australia!

It’s even more appropriate if your team isn’t in the Grand Final and you want to drown your sorrows – go Ancestor Hunting instead!

AND I hope it makes you laugh out loud.

I’m going to chase more of mine:

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