Do we belong here?

Sometimes you just have to read something!  It’s not very long – less than 1,670 words – in fact less than 4 pages.

I challenge anyone who has ever done any family or local history research to read this and not want to go back for more or to pass it on to others.

Graeme is well known for a number of books such as the Rise and Fall of Marvellous Melbourne.  On 16th October 2017 Graeme spoke at the 2017 Victorian Community History Awards at the Arts Centre in Melbourne – fortunately you can read his words in the Public Record Office Victoria blog.

I hope this blog never disappears as it deserves to be read again and again.

In fact if you ever find it missing, I’ve copied the text to a safe place and would not hesitate to ask for it to be reinstated.

Enjoy – it’s definitely worth reading.


  1. Definitely worth reading and thinking about. The lives of our forebears must be written down and stories told. Thank you for sharing.


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