DNA – the perfect ‘marriage’? #DNADU #DNADOWNUNDER

This blog has nothing to do with MY DNA but it’s definitely part of the DNA fever that is flying across Australia at the moment – I’m talking about the DNA Down Under roadshowBlaine Bettinger, Louise Coakley, the Unlock the Past crew and a cast too huge to mention have just left Brisbane after a hugely successful DNA day and by now should have landed in Perth.

They’ll then be heading to Adelaide, followed by Melbourne where I get to join the crew, and on to Canberra and Sydney.

So what is the ‘Perfect Marriage’???  The image tells part of the story – it’s nothing to do with me but I can give myself permission to use my name and my photo! – but it’s definitely to do with DNA and MyHeritage.

This morning I had just finished at gym when I got a phone call from a really good mate – Jan in Yarrawonga – who had just got a new DNA match for her hubby.  Jan is family history from the top of her head to her toes – and those who know Jan know that is a long way!  Jan is the current President of the Yarrawonga Family History Group and VAFHO and former / current (?) President of the Cobram Genealogical Group.

And guess who the DNA match was with?  Louise Coakley – the DNA guru of Australia and New Zealand – currently on tour with Blaine Bettinger for the DNA Down Under Roadshow.

So combine one devoted family history researcher with one DNA guru and THAT’s what I call the PERFECT MARRIAGE in Family History!


  1. Susie, that sure beats my 4 DNA matches and 3 other links to VicGUM members and I am the immigrant. David Stephen. See you at DNADownunder


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