Why is February 14 so important?

If you answered – “It’s Valentine’s Day” – you’re WRONG.  There is something much more important AND better than a bunch of roses for Valentine’s Day.

What is it I hear you ask?

It’s the LAST DAY you can get a massive $200 discount off the full price for FHDU – Family History Down Under – 22-26 March 2021, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Are you going to be boring and follow the pack?  Buy a dozen red roses that will be dead within a week and forgotten within 2?

Buy your Valentine a ticket to:

Family History Down Under
22-26 March 2021
Sunshine Coast, Queensland

The excitement and anticipation will grow from this Valentine’s Day until next year’s Valentine’s Day when your sweetheart will have to start thinking about packing.

And it will last a LIFETIME – your Valentine will learn so much that it will be part of the rest of their lives researching both of your families.

Even better – it’s an event you can both enjoy – lots do to for partners but even better if shared between both of you, you will learn twice as much.  Amazing overseas speakers, massive exhibition – the benefits are endless.


FEBRUARY 14, 2020

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