Do Virgin Airlines have ANY compassion?

Sometimes you just have to speak up – this is one of those times.

Back on 17th May, although I really couldn’t afford it, I booked cheap flights to go to Adelaide to spend my 65th birthday with my older brother.  I hadn’t seen him for some time and he is not well enough to travel.  Instead of spending my birthday on my own in Geelong I could think of nothing better than spending it with my brother and his family in Adelaide.

It wasn’t going to be a long trip – Friday 9th June to Adelaide on Jetstar and back on Sunday 11th June on Virgin – mixed flights to get me there and back.

YES – today is my birthday, and NO – I’m not in Adelaide.

What happened?  

On Thursday 25th May I had a fall – broke my right ankle and had tendon and soft tissue damage in my left ankle.  Absolutely no mobility!  Spent 24 hours in hospital.  Follow-up appointment with orthopaedic surgeon on Monday 5th June – under no circumstances could I fly, apart from the problems of getting from Geelong to Tullamarine Airport.

Both legs were cheap fares that did not allow changes to the dates / times etc.

I even paid for travel insurance just in case.


Travel Insurance – I have to pay the first $100 to change or cancel and get a refund.

Jetstar – after reviewing medical certificate etc., on compassionate grounds they have given me a Travel Voucher for the full amount paid, valid for 6 months.

Virgin – said the equivalent of “stiff xxxx”!  They want $80 to change the date / time of travel.  They do not accept the medical certificate as grounds for leniency!

So Jetstar can show compassion but Virgin CAN’T? – exactly the same scenario – one a flight from Melbourne to Adelaide, the other a flight from Adelaide to Melbourne – just 3 days apart.


I want Virgin to show they have some compassion, just like Jetstar did.  I can’t afford to pay another $80 and I certainly can’t set a future date for my trip until after I have clearance from the orthopaedic surgeon.

I am unemployed – looking for work but difficult to get to interviews at the moment.  Today I become an old age pensioner!  That’s my income.

I have found the ‘Complaints and Compliments‘ form on Virgin’s website – I will be attempting to get them to show some compassion and give them a link to this blog.

Can you help – not sure if they are interested in hearing from others but at least I’m going to get my message out there!

Gosh it would be a great birthday present if Virgin actually replied and showed some compassion.  I don’t want my money back – I just want to be able to book a flight after I become mobile again, at no extra cost, so I can visit my brother and his family for a very belated birthday celebration!


  1. Firstly Happy birthday!
    Qantas worst. Last year my husband had a quadruple bypass. No pre existing condition. I changed flights with fees twice but medical advice was not to go just yet on planned trip to Darwin. Qantas would not extend the validity of our ticket so we lost our money. Virgin let us move our flights but flights that cost $300 each ended up costing $1000. Each. A big sting for a family of 4. Travel insurance through the credit card was capped at $1500 for all 4 of us 😦 We got no sympathy from Qantas or Virgin.


  2. Good news that Virgin finally came to the party but at emotional distress and angst. Hope you had an enjoyable day and that the trip to Adelaide makes for a super-celebration.


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