Am I excited? YES!!

No – I’m not mobile yet – still in a moon-boot – BUT I have got something fantastic to look forward to.  I’m not sure how much the excitement is due to (fingers crossed) maybe getting rid of the moon-boot in 3 weeks and getting some mobility OR going to the ‘Researching Abroad Roadshow’ in Melbourne.  I think the latter – after all a bit of pain, discomfort and lack of mobility definitely doesn’t dampen the excitement of discovering more about my ancestors!

And why does this Roadshow excite me?

  • I have German ancestors
  • I have other European ancestors
  • I have Irish and English ancestors
  • My brother and I have both done DNA tests

I’ve got heaps more to say about this Roadshow but time for that in more blogs.  In the meantime reserve Friday 18th August and Saturday 19th August for the Melbourne Roadshow, or check out the web site for other locations.

I hope to see heaps of you at Bulleen in Melbourne – mobile and moon-boot free!

And something my caring and thoughtful brother posted on my Facebook page!

He really does care!

Image result for smiling emoji

ADDENDUM: Oh, and while you’re looking at the UTP web site about the Roadshow you’ll find references to ‘OFFICIAL AMBASSADORS’ as per the logo at the beginning of this blog.  Yes, I’m an Official Ambassador and really appreciate the opportunity to promote the Researching Abroad Roadshow.  There was always the possibility that I physically couldn’t get there due to my broken ankle and I’m so glad that I’m going to make it.


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